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January 2024

Helpful Tips for Trump and a Cautionary Tale for Pastors

Pastor Shane Idleman has a key for all of us on how to manage the upcoming election, including former President Trump! A powerful, encouraging word. Alistair Begg’s daily radio show was cancelled on American Family Radio due to comments he made regarding same-sex weddings. We look at this surprising story, and Carrie’s passion on this issue is hard to miss! Pastors, you don’t want to miss her insights.

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News and Views

Don’t mess with Texas! The border crisis is creating another challenge between the federal government and states' rights. We uncover the details and look at the constitutionality of Texas protecting itself when the federal government doesn’t do its job. We also share the tragic news of US troops killed by Iran-backed drones, Kari Lake releases a taped conversation about a bribe leading to a resignation, and 100 churches in Canada have been torched—why? We investigate.

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Letter to the American Church Documentary

Eric Metaxas brings his passion for waking up the Church to the big screen! Eric joins us to give us the behind-the-scenes details on his new documentary, in partnership with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA. Don’t miss this important conversation! We also look at recent violations of privacy by the FBI and the DOJ, asking banks to reveal private records of purchases or searches of “religious books” and words such as MAGA or Trump.

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WHO Pandemic Preparedness Agreement Overreach

The Family Research Council (FRC) submitted a comment to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) concerning the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Preparedness Agreement. The agreement has the potential to seriously undermine American national sovereignty, free speech, and human dignity, among other troubling implications. Dr. Chris Gacek, Senior Fellow for Regulatory Affairs at FRC, joins us with all the details.

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Prisoners Get to Vote?

Washington State restored voting rights to incarcerated people convicted of felonies immediately upon their release in 2022. House Bill 2030 would effectively allow anyone incarcerated and currently in a state prison to vote or sit on a jury, among other additional freedoms. Rep. Sam Low joins us to share his concerns about this bill and how it impacts victims' rights. We also reveal a key tip from experts who can assess with 94% accuracy a potential divorce if couples do this one thing, and some tips on strengthening your marriage.

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A Champion for Bold Truth

Heidi St. John is a happy warrior for faith and a champion for marriage and family. As an author, speaker, podcast host and homeschool pioneer, her zeal for what matters continues to grow. She joins Carrie for a lively, funny, and informed discussion on how important the family is to God’s plan for human flourishing and for sharing our faith. Heidi also shares about her latest writing venture with Brave Books!

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  • Thank you for being a voice for the truth and expressing the joy of the Lord. I so admire you and your joy you exhibit even with dealing with difficult things.

  • My family and I appreciate your ministry! We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and foundation of the topics you cover on your radio program.

  • I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air. We need your godly perspective!

  • It’s so obvious to us and I’m sure so many more how much you truly love Jesus and want to bring Him into al that you do!

  • I learn so much and am so glad to listen to a voice for godly principles in a time when it seems some of the culture either never learned them or has forgotten them.

  • Loved your program today. I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air!


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