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January 2024

The Power and Purpose of Understanding Your Fertility

Married couples are looking for natural ways to navigate their fertility and family building. Single women are seeking understanding and empowerment as they navigate their cycle. Both of these groups can be educated, empowered, and live healthier lives by learning simple, scientific methods of fertility awareness. Heather Murphy with the Couple-to-Couple League joins us to share all the good news! Ccli.org and learnnfp.org

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Grieving the Loss of a Child

When a woman loses a baby to stillbirth or miscarriage, it feels like the ground has fallen out from underneath her and the grief that follows can be extremely isolating and misunderstood. Speaking from experience, author Jackie Gibson shares honestly from her journey, acknowledging the sorrow, loneliness, and fears that come from suffering the loss of a child, while pointing to the real comfort she and her husband received from God, their church community, and His word. A fantastic book!

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Proverbs 31: A Picture of the Church

Many women look to Proverbs 31 as an outline of the virtuous, godly woman. There is another picture we can glean from this passage that brings insight for the Church as the Bride of Christ. Join this fun and intriguing conversation as we process some key passages and find powerful encouragement in these dark times!

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December 2023

Hollywood Traps and Feminist Lies

Landon Starbuck went to Hollywood to use her God-given gifts, only to discover the system is rigged. If you don’t do drugs and engage in other behaviors, you lose your chance. Landon shares her story and how she went from lies to helping protect kids from trafficking as the founder and President of Freedom Forever. We then look at a story of young women who believed the feminist lies that berating men and foregoing a family were how to make it big. Turns out that trap leads to loneliness…tune in for the rest of the story!

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Helping Young Women Thrive

Today’s young women are under assault like never before! We reveal how sex educators are confusing them, the culture is lying to them and even churches are buying into the transgender ideology, which erases them. The Legacy Institute is pushing back against this assault, by introducing our latest resource- True Beauty (revised edition). We review some key insights in this powerful and life-changing study so expect some surprises!

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The Superpowers of Women and Mothers

Do you know why women and mothers are so powerful? Would you like to know why the dropping fertility rates in our nation will impact everyone, not just married people? Are you aware of the latest research showing why mothers live longer, have less cancer, and overall have better well-being than others? The importance of women and mothers in God’s plan for family, faith, and our nation’s future is something we can all celebrate!

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  • I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air. We need your godly perspective!

  • It’s so obvious to us and I’m sure so many more how much you truly love Jesus and want to bring Him into al that you do!

  • I learn so much and am so glad to listen to a voice for godly principles in a time when it seems some of the culture either never learned them or has forgotten them.

  • Loved your program today. I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air!


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