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October 2021

COVID Update 10/20/2021

The Latest COVID update brings you the current data and a website full of facts. Remember to have your kits ready to go and build up your immunity  https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Portals/23/COVID Info.pdf?ver=2021-10-05-210927-460

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Breaking Stories

Is the FB whistleblower seeking to silence conservatives?  The Attorney General is using the FBI to silence parents and the Defense Secretary is forcing service members against their will. Where are the good leaders? Join the conversation and get your exemption info at https://lc.org/exempt and https://firstliberty.org.

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COVID Update 10/5/2021

The latest COVID update brings breaking news from the DOD on breakthrough cases and we begin to attempt to answer the question why? Why is there so much that doesn’t make sense? Is there a bigger picture we are not seeing? Prepare to be stretched! Exemption info included.
https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Portals/23/COVID Info.pdf?ver=2021-10-05-210927-460

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News and Views

19 of 20 Christian Facebook pages were produced by troll groups in Kosovo. Sounds fake, but it’s true and so is the 60 Minutes FB whistleblower story revealing it’s choice of profit over people doing great harm. Decisions by CA Gov Newsom to prevent parents from “sensitive services” including abortion and puberty blockers bring great concern and we throw in a few good news stories because God is still at work!

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September 2021

Border Crisis Begets Other Challenges

Senator Ron Johnson passionately challenges this administration’s handling of the border in a recent hearing. Strong borders are the key to any nation's sovereignty and protection of its citizens, so how have weak borders affected the drug overdose problem in the U.S. and were agents really whipping illegal immigrants? Join the conversation to find out! 

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COVID Update - 09-14-21

Carrie's COVID update from September 14th, with the latest news, research and information you need to make informed choices. File: https://thelegacyinstitute.com/Portals/23/COVID-Info-09142021.pdf

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  • Thank you for being a voice for the truth and expressing the joy of the Lord. I so admire you and your joy you exhibit even with dealing with difficult things.

  • My family and I appreciate your ministry! We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and foundation of the topics you cover on your radio program.

  • I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air. We need your godly perspective!

  • It’s so obvious to us and I’m sure so many more how much you truly love Jesus and want to bring Him into al that you do!

  • I learn so much and am so glad to listen to a voice for godly principles in a time when it seems some of the culture either never learned them or has forgotten them.

  • Loved your program today. I’m praising God for you and all the truth you share. May God continue to bless you and keep you on the air!


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