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February 2024

News and Views

Super Bowl champs The Kansas City Chiefs' reps give God glory and fans a big win! Special Counsel Robert Hur is not recommending criminal charges for Joe Biden, but the report is devastating, and it looks like it is at the hands of a ‘friend’. Donald Trump Jr. weighs in on the report and the danger of Biden in leadership in any capacity. Beneath the Gaza Strip headquarters of the controversial U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, the Hamas terror group hid one of its most significant assets, and Tucker Carlson interviews Putin—a once-in-a-lifetime interview with fascinating results.

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Can a Christian Vote for Trump?

Christian apologist, author, and culture analyst Alex McFarland joins us to discuss how Christians can process who they vote for in upcoming elections. Alex has spoken in over 2,000 churches and is considered one of the best apologists of our time. His insights bring balance to the conversation, along with his biblical and historical understanding. Then we look at the seven most outrageous moments from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Don’t miss this!  Home - Alex McFarland

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Religious Persecution and Wrongs We Should Notice

Intolerance toward Christians appears to be on the rise in the West. One very dangerous symptom of this upward trend is government officials and entities targeting Christian churches, organizations, and individuals for prosecution or punishment based on their religious beliefs. Arielle Del Turco from FRC joins us to discuss a new report highlighting specific cases. We also look at the E. Jean Carroll case against Trump and an FBI case.

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January 2024

Prisoners Get to Vote?

Washington State restored voting rights to incarcerated people convicted of felonies immediately upon their release in 2022. House Bill 2030 would effectively allow anyone incarcerated and currently in a state prison to vote or sit on a jury, among other additional freedoms. Rep. Sam Low joins us to share his concerns about this bill and how it impacts victims' rights. We also reveal a key tip from experts who can assess with 94% accuracy a potential divorce if couples do this one thing, and some tips on strengthening your marriage.

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Silent Epidemic Destroying People’s Minds

A sudden, unprecedented change in mental disorders has scientists and practitioners deeply concerned about what is happening to children, teens, and adults. Teachers are dealing with serious behavior issues, parents are struggling to manage their families, and anxiety, depression, suicide, ADHD, and loneliness are on the rise. New research and collaboration make it clear that a major contributor is screen time. But is it that simple? We investigate. Do not miss this!

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Letter to the American Church Documentary

Eric Metaxas brings his passion for waking up the Church to the big screen! Eric joins us to give us the behind-the-scenes details on his new documentary, in partnership with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA. Don’t miss this important conversation! We also look at recent violations of privacy by the FBI and the DOJ, asking banks to reveal private records of purchases or searches of “religious books” and words such as MAGA or Trump.

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  • I learn so much and am so glad to listen to a voice for godly principles in a time when it seems some of the culture either never learned them or has forgotten them.

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