Every day is an opportunity to be encouraged and hear from some of the nation’s leading experts on important topics impacting your relationships. Using a biblical lens, we focus on issues affecting...

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My team and I believe that our sexuality is more than just a physical act, and it is core to who we are as human beings. When we understand our sexuality in a bigger, more inspiring way we begin to think differently...

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I’m deeply honored you would consider me for your event. As a speaker for 27 years and a former event planner myself, I care about helping you make your event successful, regardless...

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Some of Carrie’s Popular Audio Messages    
    The Man CD

    Legacy’s wildly popular Men’s Appreciation Dinner message by Carrie Abbott. Why does Carrie resonate so well with men? Her profound respect for the male design, purposefully crafted by God, uniquely envisions and emboldens men to be all that God created them to be.


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    This message and PowerPoint set allows you to learn and share how healthy friendships and relationships are developed using the five levels of emotional intimacy. This practical and encouraging teaching helps any age (teen to adults) build healthy relationships that last a lifetime.


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    This message and PowerPoint set allows you to learn and share how healthy friendships and relationships are developed using the five levels of emotional intimacy. This encouraging look at modesty helps teens to adults, male and female, understand healthy ways to reveal truth with their bodies and how to “put on humility” like Christ.

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  • Power of the Spoken Word

    This powerful message reveals how God spoke all things in to being, then created men and women in His image, with an ability to speak life and death with their tongues! This message brings a clarity to our understanding of our design and our kingdom purpose and how we can literally affect all of our relationships and other people through this amazing power!

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  • Profoundly Positive

    How do you paint the most profound & beautiful picture of God’s design – not just for purity but for what it means to be ‘made in His image’? Carrie contrasts a common ‘abstinence message’ with Legacy’s insightful Sexual Integrity message which inspires us all to ‘be what we were created to be’. This is a message you will want to share!

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  • Homosexuality, The Grace-filled Truth

    Carrie uses scripture and natural law to show the biblical emphasis and loving response for those practicing any sexual sin outside of God’s Design for male and female relationships. A loving roadmap for anyone who struggles!

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  • Thanks for doing the wonderful radio programs Carrie!

  • Thanks for your continued work in shining the light to a dark world!

  • I listen to your show regularly on my lunch break and am so blessed by your words and the great guests you bring in!

  • Thank you for the way you so tactfully speak the truth but with perfect firmness and conviction.

  • Thank you for your efforts to help women in Pregnancy Centers. If I could tell you how many girls lives you have impacted I would run out of space!

  • Your love and devotion to Jesus is so inspiring. Thank you for your example and the wonderful words you shared with us at the retreat!

Looking for a Particular Topic from Relationship Insights Radio?

A diverse set of topics to strengthen family relationships, communication, parenting skills, personal growth & more!


A variety of topics addressing current world issues, politics, legislative issues, social mores, societal trends and ideas.

Life Skills

A unique mix of personal growth, relationship issues, leadership and work related issues, team dynamics and tools.


Topics to strengthen relationships, pornography, mentoring, leadership, male design, parenting, marriage, friendship and fun!


How to flourish at every age, breast cancer, mentoring, women in the work place, leadership, female design, parenting, marriage etc.

Pro-Life Issues

Current legislation, politics, prevention, restoration and healing, personal stories, Pregnancy Resource Centers, Church resources.


Topics include communication tips, blueprints for relationships, current issues such as vaccines, transgendered bathrooms etc.


Key issues affecting congregations, pastoral health, relationships, research, social trends, leadership, resources and support.

Sexual Integrity

All relationship topics affecting living in agreement with male and female design, healing, blueprints, cultural trends and LGBT.