Vaccination Cover-up!

Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed joins Carrie to share the inside story of the CDC cover up of vaccine damage and autism and the pharmaceutical stronghold hiding the truth. See him in Washington on 3/9-3/11. See:

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4 thoughts on “Vaccination Cover-up!

  1. Are you serious?! Do you not see how vaccinations have eradicated small pox? That polio is almost eradicated? That mumps and whooping cough are spiking? That people still die from Chicken Pox? That infants too young for vaccines and the physically frail depend on herd immunity to not get infected? How utterly irresponsible to put this on the public airwaves. Shame! There is no cover up, there is no conspiracy. There is science, and then apparently, there are “alternate facts” that you and your guest present. Wow. Unbelievable.

    • I would have thought the same, I have been researching more in depth after seeing several reactions – both in my own children and friends – even have two friends whose children have been battling cancer (1 lost the fight.) There is a lot of science showing we should be proceeding more cautiously with what we inject & ingest for that matter into our bodies. Check out pubmed – do not rely on CDC only for info – they have been corrupted – that and pharmaceutical manufacturers (vaccine manufacturers) have not had liability since 1986! I am still actively reserching this and would love to read any studies you have showing they are safe – but be sure to look carefully at how the studies were conducted – especially the placebo used, age range, length of study, and would LOVE to read some studies on CONCURRENT administration of so many vaccines – so far I have only found 3 – comparing 2-3 at a time in older children – I have not found long term cumulative studies of the whole schedule – yet they continue to add to it! No studies have ever been conducted showing they are safe in the amounts we are giving! But if you know of some – please do share! I would LOVE to read them – and if you can find a study showing thimerosal is safe given to pregnant women and infants you can win $100,000! (I have yet to find one – but the CDC has been claiming it was safe – check out congressional hearing on thimerosal – where CDC admits thimerosal hasn’t been studied since 1929 – by Lilly – and they all died within days – but they claim they died from “meningitis” and therefor thimerosal is “safe”! Wish I had researched more in depth before vaccinating my kids.

    • Did you actually listen to the show, or just react?
      If you listen you will hear that nobody is saying vaccines don’t work or shouldn’t be used. What is said is that negative affects need to be acknowledged and studied. From 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 45 is a tragic catastrophe. Follow the data. Follow the money.

  2. Thank you for covering this! I had no idea how prevalent these reactions were – and that the safety studies do not use true placebos until my best friends child who was walking and talking regressed into autism after 2yr vaccines, and my own son had a seizure following a delayed schedule at 4yr. Then with my second child, the addition of the TDAP during pregnancy – which had not been studied for safety in pregnancy (see the manufacturers inserts)! I got it- didn’t know better and she has health issues that studies are showing may be caused by the vaccine (poor weight gain, respiratory illness etc.) I have since been researching more in depth. The fact that our vaccines are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical companies that profit from our illness is a gross and obvious conflict of interest.

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