Emilys_Club_pink_logo Emily’s Club is designed as an easy-to-facilitate after school club, outreach or mentoring resource, or youth group tool.  Emily’s Club helps girls celebrate their God-fashioned feminine design!
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The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity (BBSI) is a groundbreaking study for parents and Christian educators. This 7-session DVD series, complete with a thought-provoking study guide, features Carrie in a profound and entertaining look at God’s intentional design for male and female relationships, sexuality, marriage and more!  (Link to The Legacy Institute site for full description & purchase)

Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage – What does the Bible say about homosexuality, same sex attraction and marriage?  Does God create people with confusion, or is the culture confused and needing answers?  There is a loving and grace filled way to teach the truth about design, original intent and God’s plan for men and women.   (Link to The Legacy Institute site for full description & purchase)

The Healthy Relationship Series – (Purchase Audio CD set from The Legacy Institute)

  • Intimacy – Foundations For A Lifetime  – This important message reveals the importance and meaning of intimacy and how it is developed in relationships at five different levels. This practical and encouraging session helps people have healthy boundaries and build strong friendships and relationships that last a lifetime
  • Modesty – It’s Not Just About Clothes – This encouraging and enlightening look at modesty helps unravel the truth about humility and the grace and power that happens in our lives when we understand how to “put on humility”. This message encourages women and men to reveal truth with their bodies and in doing so expand Gods Kingdom and their influence.
  • Power of The Spoken Word – This powerful message reveals how God spoke all things in to being, then created men and women in His image, with an ability to speak life and death with their tongues! This message brings a clarity to our understanding of our design and our kingdom purpose and how we can literally affect all of our relationships and other people through this amazing power!

Relationships With Integrity Parent Guide – This comprehensive guide highlights the key biblical truth for parents of children in every grade, K-12.  It gives practical, age appropriate advice to parents to use with their children and provides the key information needed to lead the most important  discussions at home about relationships.  (Link to The Legacy Institute site for full description & purchase)