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November 2017

Mobile App for Birth Control for Teens

Your 12 year old daughter can get birth control without your knowledge! Dr. Michelle Cretella with American College of Pediatricians explains the dangers of Nurx.

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Work Pause Thrive, Part 1

How can a woman work, have a family and not go crazy? Author Lisen Stromberg shares her insights and her important research! 

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Sad News

Carrie covers the breaking news of the day, as well as the aftermath of the mass shooting in Texas. Join our community of listeners as we look to God for hope!

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Five Word Prayers, Part 1

Do you know what to pray, especially in those tough times? Author Lisa Whittle shares her journey with prayer, her insights and how simple prayers changed her faith story. 

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Work Pause Thrive, Part 2

Do our institutions, workplace and even ministries provide a positive environment for mothers? Author Lisen Stromberg explains why they should!

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Happy Birthday Billy!

Celebrate Billy Graham’s 99th birthday with us as author and friend of Billy’s -Terry Whalin shares personal insights of this great man!

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Five Word Prayers, Part 2

Do you say the same things over and over again in prayer? The strength of your prayer is in your heart intent, not word count. Author Lisa Whittle gives us a great roadmap for prayer!

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Faces of Homelessness

Union Gospel Mission President Jeff Lilly joins Carrie to explain why homelessness has increased and how we can respond for meaningful change. 

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October 2017

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation!

Why did Martin Luther publicly challenge the Pope and indulgences? This and other historical facts about Martin Luther and a surprising fact you may not know!

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Healing Sexual Refugees

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explains how the Ruth Institute is helping people who have experienced divorce, loss and wounds from the sexual revolution. See: RuthInstitute.org

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  • Thank you for your words of wisdom and radio ministry. I enjoy listening to your programs, often through the radio recap that arrives by email.
  • You bring timely comments on current events and many other topics of interest to the listener. We especially appreciate the mode of communication you use which you aptly call “delivering the truth with grace.” It is a breath of fresh-air to hear God’s Word brought into the conversation whether you are interviewing a guest or doing the program ‘solo’.

  • We certainly need more voices like yours proclaiming truth, hope, and love to the people in today’s culture who are discouraged, frustrated and hopeless. God bless you and your Legacy Team for all you do to uplift our spirits and bring redeeming words into our everyday lives.

  • Love your shows!! I find them of great help and a source of reliable news, and share many of your thoughtful insights with the people I work with.

  • I love your radio show and have listened for a few years. I love all of the topics that you cover, specifically what it means to be female.

  • I had the great pleasure of hearing Carrie Abbott speak back in 2012 and ever since then have been delighted and enlightened by her radio shows.

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