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January 2019

Birth Certificates Add Confusion

New York City residents can now use x to explain their sex. Is this silly or are there bigger ramifications? Author Glenn Stanton explains why this is dangerous for all of us.  See: Glennstanton.com 

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Jesus, A Comic Superhero?

DC Comics “Second Coming” has the largest Christian publisher of comics speaking out. Art Ayris reveals his passion for the bible, the gospel and reaching the world through comics that teach truth, not lies. A must for kids & teens. See: www.kingstone.co 

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Vaccines Update

Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed, founder of Informed Consent Action Network and a leader in the vaccine risk avoidance movement gives us an important and eye-opening update on the latest lawsuits and facts. See: www.icandecide.org

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Did the Wise Men Bring Turmeric?

North American leading expert on fighting disease with wild medicinal spice extracts and plants Dr. Cass Ingram introduces some natural cures. Intriguing. See: https://cassingram.com  

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The Best A Man Can Get?

Gillette’s recent ad has sparked controversy and Glenn Stanton joins Carrie to discuss why. Could the term toxic masculinity be part of the problem? What did you think of the ad? Join the conversation.

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A Tale of Three Marches

The March for Life, Martin Luther King Jr. led civil rights Marches and the Women’s March- human dignity verses hatred. Join the important conversation and hear the President speak.

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  • Thank you for your words of wisdom and radio ministry. I enjoy listening to your programs, often through the radio recap that arrives by email.
  • You bring timely comments on current events and many other topics of interest to the listener. We especially appreciate the mode of communication you use which you aptly call “delivering the truth with grace.” It is a breath of fresh-air to hear God’s Word brought into the conversation whether you are interviewing a guest or doing the program ‘solo’.

  • We certainly need more voices like yours proclaiming truth, hope, and love to the people in today’s culture who are discouraged, frustrated and hopeless. God bless you and your Legacy Team for all you do to uplift our spirits and bring redeeming words into our everyday lives.

  • Love your shows!! I find them of great help and a source of reliable news, and share many of your thoughtful insights with the people I work with.

  • I love your radio show and have listened for a few years. I love all of the topics that you cover, specifically what it means to be female.

  • I had the great pleasure of hearing Carrie Abbott speak back in 2012 and ever since then have been delighted and enlightened by her radio shows.

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